Drumked is a duo of beatmakers and producers from Lille, France, founded in 2012 by Michel Géloën and Aurélien Wils around common passions : Music and Geek culture.

Growing up in the 90's, they spent most of their youth around video games, mangas, movies and tv shows, while a wide range of sounds, spreading from The Stone Roses to DJ Premier, were playing on their Walkman.

They both had a particular fondness for music but loathed the boring aspects of the academic practice. Though they grew up being influenced by different musical styles, they naturally found common influences in DJ Shadow, Joy Division and Pink Floyd.

Both of them wanted to build something around those tastes so they decided to mix up their respective influences and sensitivities to create one eclectic and coherent project. They have built an original universe that could be named « Chill-Hop », which represents pretty well the state of mind of Drumked's music.

They released « We are Drumked » their debut EP, on December 31st, 2013 and are right now working on a second opus.



In terms of musical influences Drumked draw on a wide array of beat-makers and that is to their benefit – when you think they are getting stuck in a rut of programmed rhythms, they use freer, live-sounding drums on “Fellas” and “What Does A Man Do”.

A Closer Listen

Their first EP just dropped on our mailbox yesterday and they described their music as trip-hop, but I think that is a very small box for Drumked sound. who borrows from beats music and progressive rock as well.

Life Is A Banana

Drumked do a fantastic job weaving hip-hop samples with this rock and jazz instrument samples, vocal samples, ambient music and movie clips. It's also the most original work I've seen from an emerging producer act in a while. There's a newness to this music that I just appreciate.

Sonic Discourse

If you want laid back, chilled out, clean sounding beats, this is for you.

The Left Hand Side

These boys definitely have some chops.